Hopalong Camanshii Returns

After taking a looong hiatus since issue 1 I was blessed with some extra time (thanks to Covid-19) to rediscover the story as a older and hopefully wiser man.

Visit here for a full breakdown about the project.

Initially I was planning to release a series of 26-page graphic novels released via Amazon but the demands of being a full-time freelancer made that more and more difficult to the point that I had put the project on a hold indefinitely.

The benefits of transitioning to a Webcomic format

I decided that instead of waiting to get thru 26-pages I could work on a page at a time and release each as I go. The benefit of this is that I can work on the story more closely and carefully since I was giving maximum concentration to each page and be able to modify the story multiple time until I eventually collect the chapter for publication.

Take a look at the process from pencil to full color and lettering.

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