Getting started on the Synaptic Kush Animated Series

Since I was a kid I always dreamed of creating my own animated series based on the comics I was working on at the time. Up until recently, any individual artist creating an animated feature would be faced with countless hours (maybe years) of animation. With the introduction of Macromedia Flash in the early 2000s, I got a taste of how modern digital tools could speed up the animation process and allow for one person to create a singular vision.

Since the discountinuation of Flash and a technology I transitioned to using Adobe AfterEffects to create my animated features using the amazing  Puppet Tool. It allow artists to take their character designs and create “rigs’ which allow you to create a full posable character that you can then pose and animate within scenes. 

My goal is to create several 1 minute episodes of my comic strip Synaptic Kush

In future posts I’ll do a more thourough turotial. In the meantime take a look a the art below from which I’ll be basing my character designs for the series. 

Below is a promo video that I created for the series. 

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