Artist. Illustrator. Designer. Creator.

I'm a Multi-Spatial Creator

I believe an artist is just a creator that can see and manipulate the code of the world. My creations are just my way of making sense of the world. 

One foot in and One foot out of this world. 

I get my inspiration from quantum dreaming.

Over the years I’ve experimented with various forms mind-altering modalities. 

I find that dreaming through realities is the most effective way to find what is my “true self”. 

Dive into the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse What isn’t the Metaverse?

Sometimes as I walk this earth I wonder… Is this a game? Is there an end boss to this thing called life? We traverse the world some of us are NPCs. Very few of us are the main character. 

Are we in control of our actions are are we guided by a grand USER? Someone who decides what adventures we go on today.  An entity that isn’t part of our space and time. 

Looking at us via a screen of gossamer. Thin but unknowable.  The more I touch the metaverse the more I feel this reality exists on top of expanding ballon. Inflating and inflating. Growing more bigger and unwieldy. 

Waiting to pop. 

The next time you are taking a walk to get that particular brand of ice cream. Or you see something you HAVE TO HAVE in that store window. Ask yourself. Am I in control.  Am I doing this?

Or am I just an Avatar?


Living the Future Today.

I always had an uncomfortable relationship with the future. I feel like predicting it falls in the realm of fortune-tellers and charlatans. I feel like in the realm of science fiction and fantasy the NOW is rarely discussed. 

For instance, popular culture and media will have you believe that humanity’s eventual takeover by machines is a time so far in the future that it can safely exist in our imaginations in the tough but friendly persona of Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron’s Terminator.

What we don’t realize is that the takeover happened over a decade ago.  Algorithms control the world now.  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the Gods we worship now. They define what we think, how we feel, what we buy and who we vote for.

As a Blackman, I think I can bring a fresh approach and ethos to Art and Technology. African-Americans have been the global leaders of Art and Culture. I just want to continue and expand this legacy.